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Authentic (Cashmere) Pashmina Accessories, Art Heritage from Kashmir India made by exceptionally talented artisan families established by Mughal Royals. These artisan families have passed on the "ART OF WEAVING" pashmina fibres through generations. Kashmiri pashmina spinners' painstaking labour & artisan weavers, embroiderers unmatched creativity is visible in each piece of shawl. Even in India this craft from Kashmir is exclusive to Kashmir.

As quoted on one reputed high fashion site "Decorating with embroidery is one of the most beautiful ways to express your identity on clothes and accessories. It brings the lady wearing the attire a sense of style and elegance. Hand-made embroidery is regarded highly because more work and energy is dedicated into creating a faultless piece. Careful work which usually take days or even months are required as the creator work on every part of the fabric in detail.

Embroidered fabrics are materials that have been decorated with designs stitched in strands of threads or yarn using a particular needle. A sign of wealth and power during the ancient times, embroidered cloths have been worn by the Egyptians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Hebrews as well as the Moors. Unique styles and patterns were embedded within the embroidery designs signifying the different culture"

We sell 100% Pure A Grade Pashmina scarves stoles shawls wraps. Only finest quality fibre from high altitudes of Himalayan region is used.

Our "TORINO" Collection of 100% Pure Cashmere caps, hats, gloves made of finest european cashmere fiber is a delight to wear.

Hand block print reversible jackets & pure silk business jackets our speciality. Custom wholesale order welcome

Arab Scarves, the cotton scarves woven on looms. *Wholesale Only

"TORINO" Pure Cashmere Collection


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